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In July 2010, Miami-Dade planning staff released the draft version of its 2010 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) of the Comprehensive Development Master Plan. Every seven years, the county is required to prepare a report which assesses the progress of implementation of its comprehensive plan, and recommends amendments to the plan which will impact future land use decisions. The EAR amendment process will directly impact how local comprehensive plans will respond to growth management, climate change, transportation, and other vital issues over the next 20 years.

Miami-Dade’s planning staff have recommended an amendment to the UDB in the EAR document. This amendment will expand the boundary to include 550+ acres of land east of the Turnpike, north of the Dolphin Expressway.

Please help us say NO to more sprawl and YES to holding the line by contacting your county commissioner today!

The EAR document in its entirety is available here.