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Miami-Dade is home to beautiful beaches, America’s treasured Everglades, thousands of families and tourists, and – unfortunately – sprawl. In 1975, the urban development boundary (UDB) was drawn at the southern and western edges of the county to limit the unnecessary development that is harming our economy, environment, and communities.

Miami-Dade County decision-makers are constantly experiencing extreme pressure to move the Urban Development Boundary, and accommodate new development proposals to line the wallets of investors and developers whose short-sighted visions do not consider the long-term needs of our county’s diverse residents.

Hold the Line believes that moving the UDB at any location, whether for a large or small development, will only encourage and lead to truly massive projects that will add thousands of people onto areas that are vital for agriculture, are important for replenishing our drinking water supply, and which help control floods during major hurricanes. Stand up for our quality of life and our future! Make sure that our existing communities don’t lose out to the pressures of big developers looking to make big money.